We Helped Make Melissa’s House A Home!

Change,Children,Connected,God,Love,Thanks by Jennifer on May 17, 2018

We helped make Melissa’s house a home! A HUGE shout out to our Saving Amy volunteers Tifanny Anton,  Patti Ashton, Elizabeth Bannister, Joanne McDowell, Mary McGill, Reilly Whittington, and our fearless leader and nest-featherer  Jennifer Whittington! Thanks and praises for Jones Moving & Storage who always go above and beyond for our Saving Amy families! Grateful beyond words for Mother’s… Read more

Misti…5 years clean and sober!!!

Change,God,Grace,Hope,Truth by Jennifer on April 19, 2018

Misti…5 years clean and sober!!! Misti…wife, mother, friend, employee, Saving Amy speaker, loving and peaceful and joyful! Tawn…Saving Amy journey partner, friend, prayer partner, encourager, light worker, loving and peaceful and joyful! Two lives connected through love and compassion. Misti…5 years clean and sober!!! By: Jennifer Kiernan #lovetransforms #community #savingamygives

We Did It With Your Help!!!

Change,Children,Connected,Give,Grace,Hope,Saving Amy,Thanks by Jennifer on April 11, 2018

We Did It With Your Help!!! Jennifer Kiernan founder of Saving Amy Inc. is the 2018 Mother’s Making A Difference award winner! A HUGE thank-you to everyone who voted and made this happen! Thanks to your votes Saving Amy will have a full 2 page spread in the summer issue of MASK magazine; a magazine… Read more

Misti has a new job!

Change,Connected,Hope,Life,Love,Present,Thanks by Jennifer on March 7, 2018

On the first day of Misti’s new job, I received a text message from Tawn, Misti’s journey partner. Tawn sent the text to all of the SA Journey Partners. By: Jennifer Kiernan #itsalllove #lovetransforms #loveheals #savingamygives

It’s not fair…they deserve to be clobbered for what they did to me!

Change,Kindness,Love,Peace,Saving Amy by Jennifer on February 1, 2018

It’s not fair…they deserve to be clobbered for what they did to me! To give is to receive. Practice offering peace to anyone who comes across your path today and see how quickly peace returns to you. Reflection; I receive what I give to others, therefore, I will only give what I choose to receive…. Read more

So many options!

Change,Let Go!,Love,Pause,Truth by Jennifer on January 25, 2018

So many options! I am exactly where I am supposed to be. If a circumstance or issue arises and I need to act in the present moment, I can make an empowered response. I can accept the circumstance, change it, or walk away. If I am led to change the circumstance, I pause. I turn inward… Read more

I’m not sure if I want to live life “all in”!

Change,Faith,Hope by Jennifer on January 4, 2018

I’m not sure if I want to live life “all in.” The Jesuits have two words that describe the real life…jogo bonito, which means the beautiful game. “The embodiment of living life with great passion, purpose and beauty…fast, flowing, emotional, and heartbreaking at times but always real.” When I asked one of my sons if he was… Read more

If I don’t help, who will?

Change,Children,Faith,God,Saving Amy,Thanks by Jennifer on December 28, 2017

If I don’t help, who will? We are all Amy.  Each one of us is in need of acceptance and the promise of hope.  Saving Amy was created to fill the gap for those who need second, third and fourth chances in life.  Individuals with “strikes against them”; felonies, addictions, poverty… Amy, a single mother of four… Read more

Why is my life so chaotic?

Change,Connected,God,Pause,Present by Jennifer on November 30, 2017

Why is my life so chaotic?   I reap what I sow. What I give to the Universe flows back to me. Why then, would I choose to give anything but love and kindness, peace and joy? The world is a mirror. What I give to the Universe flows back to me. What I see… Read more

I need a miracle!

Change,Children,Connected,Creator,Peace by Jennifer on November 8, 2017

I need a miracle! I found my sadhana, my peace, this past Saturday. Have you heard of the Miracle League? It is truly miraculous. The Miracle League of Az. is a miniature baseball field overflowing with volunteers of all ages assisting kids with physical and emotional challenges. On this particular morning the 4 – 6… Read more

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