Peace, Love and Joy

Creator,God,Grace,Hope,Life,Love,Peace,Saving Amy by Jennifer on December 29, 2016

Merry Christmas from everyone at Saving Amy! Our Saving Amy families were truly blessed last weekend by some true Christmas angels.  Thank you to the individuals and groups that supported these families with their love and generosity. The attached video will warm your heart as you see the smiles on the children’s faces! May you all have a wonderful and beautiful Christmas…. Read more

it’s that simple

Creator,Saving Amy by Jennifer on October 25, 2016

THE question is; What is the value to the kingdom? Is what I’m about to do or say, kind…loving…peaceful…forgiving… If the answer is ‘yes’, do it, say it! If the answer is ‘no’, let it go. It’s that simple By: Jennifer Kiernan #itsthatsimple #savingamygives #savingamyorg

Showing Up

Creator,God,Hope,Saving Amy by Jennifer on September 27, 2016

Amy… Mother of four…found herself living on the street. For 3 1/2 years, drugs, alcohol, life became a blur. Hit rock bottom. Jail. Connected with a Higher Power. A ray of hope. Landed in a homeless shelter. Connected with people who radiate a Higher Power. A ray of hope. Moment by moment, step by step,… Read more

There is No Road Map

Creator,God,Saving Amy by Jennifer on September 14, 2016

Am I the only person who is amazed that I can wake up in Phoenix and go to bed in Rhode Island, all in one day?  That I sit in a metal canister hurling through the air at 36,000 feet eating peanuts and sipping a coke… Or that we live on this round ball called… Read more


Creator,God,Saving Amy by Jennifer on September 7, 2016

16 years old, living in a homeless shelter with her mom and brother you can find out more. A new beginning…an apartment in a part of the city that is financially prosperous.  An opportunity to attend an A+ school to get a decent education, to change the trajectory for generations that will follow. And yet,… Read more

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