Faith,Hope,Life,Love by Jennifer on September 13, 2017


Kimberly, single mom just out of the homeless shelter
nervous, excited, hopeful…
Lisa, 7-year-old just out of the homeless shelter,
eager, wide-eyed, joyful…
Kimberly, working for $10 per hour, on food stamps, housing subsidy
thankful, hopeful, a new beginning…
Lisa, eager, wide-eyed, joyful…
Lands an apartment on the west side of town
Arrives only with the items they can carry
No time to take the bus to get something to eat, besides payday isn’t for another week
Grateful to have a place to call home
Kimberly and Lisa sleep on the floor
Not one piece of furniture, not one pillow, not one blanket
Clothes pushed to the corners of the room
An angel flies in, her name is April
She is struck by the bare rooms with nothing but a few pieces of clothing pushed to the corners of the room
April measures each room, what?
She assures Kimberly and Lisa she will be back, really?
And she does come back, with more angels, and with beds and dressers and a couch and a table and chairs and pots and pans and lots of love…
Most of all, love
Kimberly, nervous, excited, hopeful…
Lisa, eager, wide-eyed, joyful…
And the angels?


By Jennifer Kiernan




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