Confused? Unhappy? Fearful?

Faith,God,Hope,Peace,Present by Jennifer on October 19, 2017

Confused? Unhappy? Fearful?
No need to be! Practice standing in the present moment and watch the material picture dissolve. When we experience anger, sadness, or guilt our mind is usually in the past. When we experience anxiety or fear our mind is usually in the future.
The key is to learn to tame our mind. The mind is the battlefield, not the world we have created. Change your mind, change the world. We tame the mind by practicing present moment awareness. This allows “space” for what needs to be in our experience to flow in.
If you feel the need to “do something”, then do it in the present moment. You have the choice to change it, walk away or accept it in the moment.
When we are in the present moment we have peace and joy. Why would we choose anything else?
Present = Presence

By: Jennifer Kiernan


Next week: How to stay present in the moment.


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