Hopes & Dreams

We dream of a place to gather.  We all need community, people who will walk with us, encourage us, and help move us forward. We at Saving Amy believe in the power of +1.  Our vision is a central location where a community can gather for spiritual direction, prayer and life skills classes; ie. resume writing, budgeting, and to share our experiences.  A place where love, compassion and encouragement empower lives for a hope filled future.  A place to gather provides a space for social enterprise.

We hope to change the world by providing social enterprise. Those we serve want to live a life of self-worth and dignity.  They want to provide a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families. Our dream is to provide a place of business where those we serve can gain confidence and employable skills to transition back into society.

Saving Amy is a community that embraces people from all walks of life. Our community is made up of people who are racially diverse, all creeds and all economic levels.  We strive for unity and a healing atmosphere.  Everyone is transformed in the process of union with each other.

Help us reach our dream of a place to gather and a dream of a social enterprise.

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