“My mind never stops! I can’t stop these incessant thoughts! I feel like I am going crazy!”

Life,Light of the world,Truth by Jennifer on September 3, 2017

“My mind never stops! I can’t stop these incessant thoughts! I feel like I am going crazy!”

We create with our mind and we speak into existence with our words. Therefore, we learn to tame our minds and guard our words.
But how?
Moment by moment and with practice.  We show up and we find the Universe has a way of governing itself… if we can just let go.
Let go of our tightfisted hold on the world. Let go of our mind work.
We can start with the practice of non-judgement.
I can already hear you say, “Non-judgement…are you kidding?”
“I’m angry and bitter about the cards I’ve been dealt in life, the world owes me!”
“I hate her for what she did to me!”
“He lied to me and needs to pay for it!”
“The world isn’t fair. I don’t deserve the life I’m living. It sucks!”
“I haven’t done anything wrong, so why doesn’t anything seem to go my way?”
We see the world from our small perspective and we close it down. We attach to how we view the world and we close it down. We become fearful or we think we have to “figure it out” and we close it down.
Close what down? Our lives. We have that much power. Most of us live small lives in survival mode…and then we die.
Our upbringing, past experiences, and our judgements shape how we see the world.
What if I were to tell you that our “seeing” isn’t necessarily the Real picture? Unless we can see past, present and future from every perspective (and there are approximately 8 billion other perspectives) our vison is limited.
Non-judgement allows the Real picture to flow in to our experience. We don’t have to work it.
Just like the sun comes up and the sun goes down, the tide comes in and the tide goes out, the apples fall from the apple tree just when they are ready…that is how our lives are to flow.
Our limited judgement clogs that flow and we end up living lives that are status quo at best, filled with despair and fear at worst…and then we die.
So how do we open up to all the good we are to receive? We practice. We learn to tame our minds. We show up good, bad and ugly. It doesn’t matter. We get to start exactly where we are.
A simple practice…
Once or twice a day over this next week practice a small step of non-judgement. It won’t take but a few minutes each time. I call it spirituality on the fly!
As you are driving down the road, or sitting in a room, or walking down the street, let your gaze rest on an inanimate object and say to yourself, “I do not understand the meaning of this.”
For example, I’m walking into a room and I see a lamp. I repeat in my mind, “I do not understand the meaning of this lamp.” Your mind will tell you that you do know what the lamp is for. The mind will go straight to judgement from past experiences. But what is the lamp? One person might say the lamp is to bring light to the room. Another might say the lamp is to add beauty to the room. And someone who has never seen a lamp before would have no idea what to think.
The practice of letting go of our judgement, our limited perception, creates space for the Universe to flow and expand in our lives.
Brian Greene, physicist and author of “the elegant universe”, states in a nutshell that through the study of quantum mechanics and general relativity the universe only creates and expands.
And we are part of that universe…we only create and expand. Practice wrapping your head around that. It gives us hope on the scientific level and hope on the human level.
By practicing non-judgement we make room for the “good” to flow in our lives. The spiritual life is a life of a beholder. We watch and move into action only when the still small voice, our intuition, our gut, beckons. And then we find we are creating a masterpiece beyond anything we could have come up with on our own. If we all listened to that inner voice, we would not have created the world we are living in. Since every moment starts over fresh and new, it’s never too late!
But first we take baby steps and we practice taming our minds. Start with inanimate objects for a week or so and then move to your relationships, to your health, to your finances, to your vocation and practice non-judgement. Pause instead of flying into action out of fear or an “I have to figure it out” attitude.  And then watch what happens. Pause… and if you are to take action your inner knowing will tell you. Otherwise, be still and know. Know what? The Creator of the universe can govern the universe better than you can.
Harmony demonstrates in our lives when we clear our flow of judgement and negative thinking.
Start with baby steps, taming the mind.

Reflection: It’s not good, it’s not bad, it just is.”

By: Jennifer Kiernan


Next week: Expanding non-judgement to our personal lives.


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