Sh#t happens!

Hope,Life,Pause,Present by Jennifer on October 19, 2017

Sh#t happens!
We find peace and joy in the present moment. It sounds easy, so why do we find it so difficult to stay present?
Our minds take us on a wild ride into the past of harbored resentments, anger, sadness and guilt, or, into the future filled with phantoms of fear and anxiety.
So what to do?
A practice of present moment awareness. We learn to tame our minds and guard our words so that when “sh#t happens, and it does, we can be in that place of “a peace that passes understanding”, especially when it appears our world is imploding.
We have the power to bring in the pinprick of light which demonstrates the miraculous in our lives. We do this in the present moment.
For example, let’s say you get into an argument with someone. You are angry and you want to “attack”.  By attacking, we resist what is. Resistance causes more resistance and now we are in a full fledged battle. Real power is when we withdraw the attack and stand in a place of love, or at the very least, neutrality. Instead of fighting back we pause and go to a place of no mind. But how do we do that?
We Practice:
*Physically leave the area if you feel the need to argue back.
*Identify your emotion, for example anger, and let yourself feel it.
Don’t push it away, as that will cause more resistance.
*Take your mind deep into the present moment with no thoughts,
no words, just feel the emotion.
*Watch what happens.
*The emotion will transform through the power of Presence.
You will have peace.
No need to do mind work. No need to attack. No need to figure things out. You then can pick up the conversation and if led, speak your truth in love or neutrality. Love heals. Love transforms.
Sound cliché? When we are tempted to look to the world as our Source, we remind ourselves that we have created a crazy world. What we are doing is not working! We have it backwards. The world tells us, “An eye for an eye. You are weak if you don’t fight back.” Not true! Real power is when we stand in the light. We will then watch the light overcome the darkness, in ourselves and in the world.
Skeptical? It doesn’t matter. Give it a try and see what demonstrates when you choose to stand in the light, in the present moment.
You will have peace.

By:  Jennifer Kiernan



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