I need peace!

Love,Peace,Truth by Jennifer on November 2, 2017

I need peace!

“There is no need for temples,
No need for complicated philosophies.
My brain and my heart are my temples;
My philosophy is kindness.”
-Dalai Lama

What do you think about all day? Do you worry? Are you fearful?
Are your thoughts angry, even hateful?
And you wonder why you live a life that you do not want, a life of unrest, fear, anxiety, even hatred.
What is your sadhana? What is your spiritual practice?
How do you open your heart? How do you practice kindness?
What kind of world are you creating?
Lose yourself in the moment. You can go to a baseball game and be fully immersed in the game and see if you find your sadhana. You can hang out with your kids, totally present, completely engaged and that time can become your sadhana. You can even be at work, yes work, taming your mind and guarding your words and you will find your sadhana.
Peace is an inward journey. This crazy world we have created will not bring you peace. Maybe a moment or two of fleeting happiness and then the unrest, the void, the grasping and wanting of what we think we don’t have takes over.
Find your sadhana in the moment. Practice right where you are. Practice being engaged wherever you are, whatever you are doing in the moment. You do not need a holy mountain, or even a holy moment.
You just need to be fully present.
Where is your sadhana? Where is your spiritual practice?
Everywhere, every moment of every day!
You don’t feel it? Can’t get there?
Quiet your mind in the moment. Practice keeping your mind in the light, so that you create light. Watch the words you use. Speak into existence light and love and peace and joy.
You aren’t feeling it? You can’t get there?
That’s ok. Just keep showing up. It will move you.
Is what I am suggesting sound esoteric, pie in the sky? Is what you are doing working?
Give love and it will flow back to you. Radiate light and it will flow back to you. Practice kindness, your sadhana, and watch the world emanate kindness. Your sadhana is not of this world. It is an inward journey, right where you are at, in the present moment. You already have It. What you think you don’t have is as close to you as breathing. Turn inward and watch it demonstrate right now, this moment.
Where is your sadhana? Everywhere, in every moment, already within you…

By: Jennifer Kiernan



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