“We Don’t See Things As They Are; We See Them As We Are.”

Love,Peace,Present by Jennifer on January 18, 2018

“We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are.”
 -Anais Nin

The world is a mirror…
what we see reflects back to us who we think we are.
The next time you “see” an erroneous person, realize that at their core they are as they were created to be; light and love, peace and joy. Our core never changes though it often gives the appearance that it changes. 
Our practice is to not buy in to our limited perception, the appearance, but instead realize that our core, our essence is unalterable.
When we stand in a place of non-judgement and realize truth, we watch the real picture demonstrate. We behold a person as they really are…light and love and peace and joy. 
Reflection: When I let go of my limited perception and judgement, I allow the truth to demonstrate and I see all people, including myself, as we really are; loving and peaceful, joyful and forgiving.

By: Jennifer Kiernan



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