What Truth? The World is a Big Lie!!

Light of the world,Love,Truth by Jennifer on September 3, 2017

“What truth??? The world is a big lie!!!”

“Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”    John 8:32

What truth?
Universal truth, societal truth, individual truth…You know that feeling that tells you what you are seeing or hearing is true. You just “know” it’s true.
Only truth is true.
There are no half-truths…for half-truths are false, right?
It is either All truth or no truth.
And what is truth? Whatever has value. Do you get confused? What do you value?
The litmus test…will it last forever?
Is it kind? Is it loving? Is it peaceful? Is it forgiving?
If not, there is no value. It is not real, it is dust. What does not last forever is just dust.
Stand in truth. Stand in the Real.
And watch your world open to the miraculous.

By: Jennifer Kiernan


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