Help! I keep clogging my flow!

Present,Saving Amy,Truth by Jennifer on November 16, 2017

Help! I keep clogging my flow!

I “clogged my flow” the other day. We all do it. A situation or circumstance triggers a negative emotion and we are off and running.
My son who is studying abroad needed me to send him a book, priority mail. I put a package together, threw in a pair of socks embroidered with turkeys, it was close to Thanksgiving, and a magnet only a mother would send that had a quote about living with intention. Every time we talked I would ask if the package had arrived, it never did arrive. After about four weeks, my “priority package” that cost $64.00 to send, was back on my doorstep with an attached letter that read: “We are returning the mail piece noted above due to one or more of the export issues…the box checked? Contents determined to be dangerous goods”.
Say what? They were telling me the book, the turkey embroidered socks and the refrigerator magnet were dangerous goods???
At the bottom of the page someone had written the word “magnet”. It was the “live intentionally” magnet that was dangerous??? Ridiculous!
The only consolation was that it also stated in the letter, “you may be eligible fora refund” at the discretion of the post office personnel.”
I headed to the post office on a mission, planning to get the refund and resend the package without the magnet.
As I gave my best smile and patiently told the post office clerk the situation, I handed her the letter about the refund. She snickered, yes she really snickered and said, “We never give a refund, we just put that in the letter to make you feel better before you have to pay for shipping again.”  Unbelievable! Insane! And I told her so. I then asked to see the list of prohibited items.  She started reading through the list…ammunition, asbestos materials, live animals, radioactive materials, switchblades…but refrigerator magnet was not on the list.
The clerk would have to give me a refund now and I told her so! About this time the post office manager came over as I was holding up the line and visibly upset. She had an attitude and told me I would need to pay the $64.00 again and I would have to contact “post office consumer affairs” and make my complaint. I asked for her name and told her I was going to let “post office consumer affairs” know about her comment that they never planned to give anyone a refund and it was in the letter to mess with our minds!!!
I left charged with negative energy, to put it mildly.  I got in my car and calculated the time difference to the UK. It was 10:30 pm and so I figured my son was awake and I called to continue my litany about the bureaucracy of government and how it doesn’t work.  By the time I hung up I had worked myself into a real frenzy.
I decided to call “post office consumer affairs” right then and there from my car. And guess what? They closed at 3:00 pm!!! What business closes at 3:00 pm…only the government!!!
I was on a roll…lathering myself in the injustice of it all and then… I paused.
I “caught myself”, and I realized my emotion was over the top. I teach this stuff, though at that moment you wouldn’t have known that.
When we have an over the top emotion, it usually means that we are bringing the past forward and frontloading it on to the present situation. It wasn’t the $64.00 that I was required to pay the second time that upset me, it really wasn’t. It was that it didn’t feel fair. It wasn’t fair!
So I threaded back to my childhood and reflected. I asked myself when was there a time in my childhood that it didn’t feel fair. Immediately I knew the answer. It was when my dad left our family when I was nine years old. The nine -year old little girl did not think it was fair. I now threaded forward to the current situation with the post office. I let myself reflect that I had carried the past forward and front loaded on to this present situation. I then repeated to myself, “The past is gone and I am not a little girl anymore. I release the past. I let go. I have brought the past into this present situation and it is not true.” And immediately I felt peaceful.
Threading is a practice that helps us release the energy that we carry forward when we are unaware. Once the awareness has been made and we can connect the dots to a past situation or even a general feeling from our past, we can make a conscious act to let go, and we will have peace. Skeptical? Give it a try and see what happens.
A few days later I did decide to call the post office consumer affairs and let them know about what had transpired. No expectation. No anger. No agenda. I just wanted to give them a heads up so that when another mom decided to send a magnet in the mail, she would know it was on the prohibited items list, or not.
And then I let go.
Oh, and guess what happened next? They said I was due a refund.

By:  Jennifer Kiernan



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