I’m on the Gerbil Wheel of Life and it Sucks!!!

Change,Connected,Creator,Saving Amy,Truth by Jennifer on August 2, 2017

I’m on the gerbil wheel of life and it sucks!!!!

Thank-you for;
My perfect health…
My abundant provision…
My Christlike personality… My Gandhi like personality…
My loving relationships…
My Spirit led vocation…
My complete safety and security…
Say what???
“My health isn’t perfect, my back is killing me!”
“My finances are not abundant, I can barely keep up with all the bills!”
“My personality is far from “Christlike”, I just lost it with my kids, again!”
“My relationships are far from loving, I can’t stand my co-workers, my spouse drives me crazy and people can’t be trusted!”
“What Spirit led vocation? I landed this job years ago and I hate it!”
“Complete safety and security…I don’t think so! I fear I’m going to run out of money.
I fear I’m going to grow old alone. I fear I’m going to have to keep grinding until I die…
I fear this is going to be my life forever!”
“I do what I have to do and there is no joy!”
“I’m on the gerbil wheel of life and I don’t know how to change it!”
We create our own reality. We create with our minds. What do you think about all day?
Pay attention. You are creating the world that you live in.
What are you speaking into existence? Guard your words lest you create a world of fear.
When we pollute the world with negative thoughts and ugly words, this is the reality we create.
Are you tired of being angry? Are you tired of being afraid? Are you tired of being tired?
Practice gratitude.
Gratitude brings in the pinprick of light. The light always overcomes perceived darkness.
A practice of gratitude opens us up to our good. You don’t have to feel it, just show up and start.
Experience how light transforms seeming evil to good, hatred to love, war to peace.
Skeptical? You can even be skeptical. Just show up and see what happens. Think of it as an experiment with the Universe.
What do you have to lose?
Oh yeah… darkness, anger, sadness, fear.

By: Jennifer Kiernan



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