I’m so confused! My life feels like one enormous problem!

Change,God,Grace,Hope,Listen,Pause,Saving Amy by Jennifer on October 3, 2017

I’m so confused! My life feels like one enormous problem!

Is your mind in constant motion? Do you feel like you get finished with one problem and another problem pops up?
So what to do?
We learn to listen…. to what the secular world calls gut or intuition, what the spiritual life calls inner knowing and what the religious life calls the still small voice. Everyone on the planet can “hear” the still small voice.
We Pause. We remember there is a spiritual answer for everything. Often, we spring into action because of fear or an “I need to figure this out” attitude. We wonder why we end up on a path in life fraught with sickness, unhealthy relationships, lack and all kinds of fear.
The alternative is to practice listening for the still small voice that will lead and guide us out of every seeming crisis, alleviate every fear, and lead us to the land of inner peace.
We learn to trust our inner knowing by experiencing it.
First, pause and then ask yourself, “What should I do in this circumstance?”
Go right into the moment, do not create mind work by over thinking. In the moment see what comes to mind and then act on it. You don’t receive an answer? Then sit on your hands and wait. Often our seeming problems have a way of taking care of themselves.
Trusting your intuition takes practice. By pausing and taking your mind into the present moment, a place of no mind, we create space to “hear” what is meant to demonstrate in our experience. Just as the sun comes up and the sun goes down, the tide comes in and the tide goes out, we are meant to live in the flow and harmony of the universe. We often become afraid or think we know better and we end up clogging our flow.
Do you want peace from the noise of your mind? Do you want peace from the noise of the world?
Pause, Ask, Listen/Watch…and Act only when led by your inner knowing.
You will see the Miraculous demonstrate in your life.
You will have peace.

By: Jennifer Kiernan



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