It Just IS

Saving Amy by Jennifer on September 20, 2016

Joyce is a veteran.

Joyce beat thyroid cancer.

Joyce is a single mom with two kids.

Joyce is a black woman living in a white world.

Joyce overcame homelessness…twice. 

Joyce lives life.

The world happens.  We are called to practice non-judgment. “It’s not good, it’s not bad, it just IS.”  We have our limited perceptions.

Some look at Joyce’s life and see it as “good.”

Some look at Joyce’s life and see it as “bad.”

It isn’t that we shouldn’t judge, it is that we CANNOT judge tamiflu over the counter.  We have our 1 limited perception out of 7.4 billion other perceptions.

Who is to say…who sees it just right?  

Joyce would tell you what she has experienced in life has made her who she is today. That she has received the kindness of strangers, experienced the miracles of modern medicine, is grateful for a roof over her head, loves deeply, and is aware that the present moment is all she has. 

The light is always there.  We pull the shade down with our limited perception and cannot see what never left.


It just IS.

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