Life Force

Creator,Faith,God,Hope,Love,Saving Amy by Jennifer on July 27, 2017

“Light and love and peace and joy abide in me.
I am as I was created,
One with the Creator of the Universe and all of creation;
Invincible, all powerful, limitless, fearless, uniquely gifted, kind, loving, joyful and free!
This is who I am at my Core. This is my Essence.
My life circumstances come and go.
My Life Force stays forever constant and radiates energy to the world.
I am the ever present watcher of my life circumstances.
I am One with my Life Force.
My guiltlessness is guaranteed.
The past is gone and the future is not here yet.
I only have this moment, therefore…
There is NO guilt!
It all starts over right now, in this moment.
What do I want to do from this moment on?
I stand in the Truth of who I am…
I emanate light to the world from my Truth, from my Core, from my Essence, from my Life Force…this is who I am.
I have the power to create with my mind and speak into existence with my words.
I can create whatever I choose to create.
Today, I choose to create _______________.”

We get confused and believe we are our life circumstances.
Life circumstances come and go, they are fluid, forever changing.
When we attach to our life circumstances and forget who we are, we become passengers on the ever changing roller coaster of life.
On the other hand, our Life Force is constant. It never changes.
It is our Core, our Essence, infinite and timeless.
Powerful beyond conception.
How do we connect with our Life Force versus our life circumstances?
We pause…we visualize the light that emanates from our Core through our Essence to the world.
And, we feel our Life Force, our never changing Essence, and we rest in it.
And then we find we are invincible, we are powerful, and kind and loving and joyful and free!
We see that the Universe has a way of rearranging Itself, rearranging our life circumstances and we begin to experience harmony in all that we do.
When your world is going haywire, instead of jumping on the roller coaster of life circumstances,
Pause…rehearse who you are and watch your Life Force demonstrate with power all that you were made to create.

By: Jennifer Kiernan



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