Who Is Amy


Healing the World one soul at a time, through love and compassion, prayer and service.

Our vision is to provide community, support and a new beginning for those transitioning out of homelessness.  God wants every soul to have a place, self-worth and dignity in all they do.  The Saving Amy community will be “that place” to restore the soul. All Spirit led.

We are all Amy.  Each one of us is in need of acceptance and the promise of hope.  Saving Amy was created to fill the gap for those who need second, third and fourth chances in life.  Individuals with “strikes against them”; felonies, addictions, poverty…

Amy, a single mother of four found herself in a homeless shelter with two of her children.  The oldest son was living with a foster family and her youngest under the care of an aunt and in the system of child protective services.  Her partner was in prison.  Amy had hit rock bottom. Drugs and alcohol were her way of coping with an abusive childhood.  One day Amy came to the chapel at the homeless shelter for prayer. She continued to come back and over time she began to believe that the dream of a new life was also for her and her children.  She began to see herself as deserving.  Amy would tell you she was guided by God into a new way of living.

Today, Amy is working, reunited with all of her children, and is living on her own.  We at Saving Amy know how important it is to have a supportive community that can help foster continued healing, life skills, and inner transformation as each person learns to live into a new life. Through love and compassion we provide a supportive community that encourages and cheers as we see each life flourish.  Every person needs a place, the dream of a better life, self-worth and dignity.  Saving Amy strives to create such a place.  One soul at a time…